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A West Virginia Police Memorial is located on the State Capitol Complex in Charleston, West Virginia.

Name submission forms may be obtained by calling or writing to West Virginia Court of Claims, State Capitol Building, Charleston, WV 25305; (304) 348- 3471.
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LODD Memorial for...  West Virginia Law Enforcement

This section is a tribute to all who have served law enforcement in our state, and who now watch over us as we attempt to save lives.
The names on this list are very special people who dedicated their lives to help others.
We will never forget you, and thank you for all you gave.

If you have any additions or corrections to this memorial section, please email us
Officer Name Agency End of Service
Everett Adams Dept of Prohibition 1927
Arza A. Allen West Virginia State Police 1928
Flemen Anderson Charleston Police Dept 1920
William Armstrong Hampshire Co Sheriff's Office 1847
William M. Arthur Clay Co Constable's Office 1931
Gregory Howard Bailey Dunbar Police Dept 1973
James R. Bailey Wheeling Police Dept 1971
Marshall Lee Bailey West Virginia State Police 2012
Charles E. Ball Huntington Police Dept 1923
David "George" Ball Dept of Prohibition 1925
Fitchue Bee Barker Chattaroy Police Dept 1967
Herman H. Bartels Wheeling Police Dept 1922
Allen Belcher Malden Marshal's Office 1881
Walter E. Blake Dept of Prohibition 1923
Douglas Wayne Bland West Virginia State Police 1999
Hannibal Noah Blankenship McDowell County Deputy Sheriff 1919
Jesse James Blevins, Jr. Monroe Co Sheriff's Office 1975
Crockett B. Boothe McDowell Co Constable's Office 1972
James L. Booth Bluefield Police Dept 1911
Salavia C. "Lafe" Bowen Wheeling Police Dept 1902
John P. Brady Wheeling Police Dept 1868
James Thomas Brammer West Virginia State Police 1989
Charles Fredrick Bricker Huntington Police Dept 1940
Bruce Thompson Brown West Virginia State Police 1977
Jesse R. Browning Boone Co Sheriff's Office 1917
Charles Brunhaus Wheeling Police Dept 1926
Carl Dale Buckland Beckley Police Dept 1956
John Lewis Burkett III Berkeley Co Sheriff's Dept 2001
James William Burr Harrison Co Constable's Office 1959
Hubert Butcher Mingo Co Sheriff's Office 1924
Joseph Paul Campagna Brooke Co Sheriff's Office 1979
Hiram Chaffin Logan Co Sheriff's Office 1924
Oscar M. Christian Huntington Police Dept 1914
Leander M. Cook Dept of Prohibition 1924
Patrick J. Costella Hollidays Cove Police Dept 1929
Ulric C. Crawford West Virginia State Police 1924
Aaron Lloyd Crook Bluefield Police Dept 2017
Eugene Crum Mingo Co Sheriff's Office 2013
Clemmie E. Curtis Huntington Police Dept 1976
Nehemiah Daniel Fayette Co Sheriff's Dept 1904
Joseph H. Davidson Mercer Co Constable's Office 1934
Donald Purvis Davis Mineral Co Sheriff's Office 1917
Joseph Wilson Davis Ansted Police Dept 1934
Alexander Day Dept of Natural Resources 1937
Howard A. Deem West Virginia State Police 1922
David W. Deerfield Williamson Police Dept 1927
J. H. Diamond Kanawha Co Sheriff's Dept 1941
George Dillon Mingo Co Sheriff's Office 1918
John Dillon Mingo Co Constable's Office 1901
Charles E. Dornon Piedmont Police Dept 1946
William Calvin Dotson Mercer Co Sheriff's Dept 1950
George A. Duling West Virginia State Police 1921
Eddie Ray Duncan Charleston Police Dept 1981
Harding H. Duval Brooke Co Sheriff's Office 1922
William Ellis Mingo Co Sheriff's Office 1918
Mose Elswick Dept of Prohibition 1923
William A. "Bill" Fanning Coopers Police Dept 1902
Will Farley Dept of Prohibition 1919
Cecil Alvin Ferrell Boone Co Constable's Office 1937
Frank M. Fidazzo Morgantown Police Dept 2000
Laurence Finley Logan Co Sheriff's Office 1921
Dayton Foster Charleston Police Dept 1931
Wesley C. Frame, Jr. Dept of Natural Resources 1978
James J. "Jim" Francisco Bluefield Police Dept 1907
Travis Milton French McDowell Co Sheriff's Dept 1949
Joseph Russell Gautier Lester Police Dept 1941
William G. Giacomo Nicholas Co Sheriff's Dept 2000
Stanton V. Gillum Division of Corrections 1953
Joseph Glenn Wheeling Police Dept 1888
Jeff Goff Wirt Co Sheriff's Office 1915
John Gore Logan Co Sheriff's Office 1921
Wilbur H. Grubb Buckhannon Police Dept 1940
Larry Gene Hacker West Virginia State Police 1993
Albert "Ross" Hager Kanawha Co Constable's Office 1934
Charles Roy Hager Lincoln Co Constable's Office 1927
Crit Edmond Hall Saint Albans Police Dept 1960
William Hall West Virginia State Police 1930
Claude C. Hamilton Nicholas Co Sheriff's Dept 1931
E. Holt Hammon Webster Springs Police Dept 1944
Paul J. Harmon Huntington Police Dept 1981
Jonathan David Harris West Virginia State Police 1985
Burr White Harrison West Virginia State Police 1945
Claude Hensley Clendenin Police Dept 1909
Edward Hensley Dept of Prohibition 1927
Thomas Dean Hercules West Virginia State Police 1977
Ernest R. Hesson Mason Co Sheriff's Dept 1976
Fredrick William Hobart Dept of Natural Resources 1940
Joseph Pierce Horne West Virginia State Police 1946
O. Gay Hovatter Tucker Co Sheriff's Dept 1946
Bobby Howard Williamson Police Dept 1979
Arthur M. Hurst West Virginia State Police 1949
Charles C. Hutton Welch Police Dept 1926
H. Carter Inskeep Hampshire Co Sheriff's Office 1929
Jonathan Dwayne Janey Putnam Co Sheriff's Dept 1989
Allen Henry Bennett Jeffreys West Virginia State Police 1939
Boss Johnson Welch Police Dept 1949
Charles Henry Johnson West Virginia State Police 1977
Flem Johnson Mingo Co Sheriff's Office 1946
Jerry Alan Jones Charleston Police Dept 2009
Harry S. Jones Brooke Co Sheriff's Office 1923
K9 Fritzie Bath Police Dept 2015
K9 Midas Hancock Co Sheriff's Office 2018
Charles M. Kackley West Virginia State Police 1921
James H. Keister Bluefield Police Dept 1913
Philip S. Kesner West Virginia State Police 1979
Philip Perry Ketchum Division of Corrections 1941
Robert Lee Kirk Fairmont Police Dept 1958
Roy Clay Knotts Logan Police Dept 1930
William M. Land Bluefield Police Dept 1942
Earl Langfitt Division of Corrections 1926
Ray M. Lazear Wheeling Police Dept 1925
William M. "Billy" Lester Wyoming Co Sheriff's Dept 1926
David Lee Lilly Beckley Police Dept 1975
Robert Allen Lilly Elkins Police Dept 1901
Brian William Linn West Virginia State Police 2007
Farley K. Litton West Virginia State Police 1935
Denzil O. Lockard Rivesville Police Dept 1958
Clem Long Pine Grove Police Dept 1919
Robert Long Guyandotte Constable's Office 1890
Kenneth Ward Love Mason Co Sheriff's Dept 1976
James L. Lowe West Virginia State Police 1926
Harry G. Lucas, Jr. West Virginia State Police 1984
Melvin Ray Lucas Milton Police Dept 1972
Floyd Lusk Wyoming Co Sheriff's Dept 1909
Harrison Lusk Fayette Co Constable's Office 1899
Officer Name Agency End of Service
Ellis Roosevelt Mansfield Keystone Police Dept 1953
Page Campbell Marstiller Elkins Police Dept 1902
Leamon "Slim" Martin Raleigh Co Sheriff's Dept 1934
Lew Matty Dept of Prohibition 1922
Michael Todd May Monongalia Co Sheriff's Dept 2012
George Stewart Maynard McDowell Co Sheriff's Dept 1977
William Harvey McGuire Williamson Police Dept 1927
James William McMann Ronceverte Police Dept 1928
William L. McMillion West Virginia State Police 1921
William Meade Dept of Prohibition 1922
Theodore R. Meadows West Virginia State Police 1926
Blake A. Michael West Virginia State Police 1927
Luther June Midkiff, Jr. Lincoln Co Sheriff's Office 1970
Benjamin E. Miller Hampshire Co Sheriff's Office 1929
James W. Mills Huntington Police Dept 1982
Isaac H. Mitchell Huntington Police Dept 1876
Jacob Strider Moler Jefferson Co Sheriff's Dept 1926
J. Wesley Moore Clendenin Police Dept 1944
Amos Morris Mannington Police Dept 1959
John Dennis Morton Webster Co Sheriff's Dept 1920
Raymond Leslie Munson Charleston Police Dept 1940
George W. Myers Kenova Police Dept 1982
Joseph Myles Greenbrier Co Sheriff's Office 1931
Silas Frank Nance Kanawha Co Constable's Office 1914
James L. Nealy Raleigh Co Constable's Office 1930
Robert Ball Noechel West Virginia State Police 1965
John Dominick O'Donnell Benwood Police Dept 1922
William Lee Overton, Jr. Charleston Police Dept 1994
Franklin D. Patrick West Virginia State Police 1939
James Paugh Division of Corrections 1967
Raymond Charles Perkins Matewan Police Dept 1959
Karl C. Peterfish Mercer Co Sheriff's Dept 1934
J. E. B. Phillips Grafton Police Dept 1919
William Howard Phillips West Virginia State Police 1987
Joseph George Portaro West Virginia State Police 2016
Russell Preece Kermit Police Dept 1942
William Edger Quilliams Division of Corrections 1972
Park Richards Calhoun Co Sheriff's Dept 1976
Garnet Richmond Williamson Police Dept 1962
William Ross Riggs Marion Co Constable's Office 1915
Ernest Ripley West Virginia State Police 1920
Harry E. Robinson West Virginia State Police 1962
Delbert Junior Roush, Sr. Charleston Police Dept 1981
Robert F. Rulong West Virginia State Police 1958
Thomas E. Rutherford Dept of Prohibition 1923
John R. Samuels Raleigh Co Constable's Office 1927
Edward Schumacker Hancock Co Sheriff's Office 1929
Herman Ernest Seabright Marshall Co Sheriff's Office 1944
Henry C. Seamon Wheeling Police Dept 1917
Chester Leo Shack Clarksburg Police Dept 1949
Roy L. Shamblin Kanawha Co Sheriff's Dept 1933
Lago Sheppard Greenbrier Co Sheriff's Office 1951
George T. Shires Ronceverte Police Dept 1915
Charles Everett Shrewsbury McDowell Co Sheriff's Dept 1936
Dewey C. Shrewsbury West Virginia State Police 1978
James Shrewsbury West Virginia State Police 1923
William Joseph Shrewsbury West Virginia State Police 1963
Frank James Sias Logan Co Sheriff's Office 1920
Gustavus James Simmons Dept of Prohibition 1927
Newton Tressel Sites West Virginia State Police 1942
William H. Skinner Marion Co Constable's Office 1922
Charles Eugene Smith II Beckley Police Dept 2006
William Jefferson Smith Charleston Police Dept 1948
Jerry Randall Stanley Sophia Police Dept 1981
Chloe F. Stanton Bradshaw Police Dept 1998
Pauline Stewart Division of Corrections 1977
Carlen Bill Stone West Virginia State Police 1982
Grover Cleveland Stringer McDowell Co Sheriff's Dept 1933
Hugh Donald Swartz West Virginia State Police 1970
Jonas P. Thatcher Moundsville Police Dept 1886
G. Ord Thompson Gassaway Police Dept 1915
Isaac Phillip "Ike" Thompson Montgomery Police Dept 1892
Jess Thompson Raleigh Co Sheriff's Dept 1938
Justin Thompson Lincoln County Sheriff's Office 2007
Joseph Alfred Tiano Harrison Co Sheriff's Office 1950
Roger Lee Treadway Fayette Co Sheriff's Dept 1975
John Raymond Tucker Fort Gay Police Dept 1985
Charles Matthew Turner West Virginia State Police 1996
Ell Watkins Dept of Prohibition 1932
Max Lee Webb McDowell Co Constable's Office 1961
Elvin E. Wedge Mason Co Sheriff's Dept 1976
Francis Hays Wilmoth Coalton Police Dept 1902
James R. Wolfe Wheeling Police Dept 1931
William Holand Wolford Dept of Prohibition 1924
Eric Michael Workman West Virginia State Police 2012
Basil Edward Wright State Fire Marshal 1963
Vincent T. Zummo Braxton Co Sheriff's Dept 1981
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